smd stencils

we offer high-quality smd stencils – delivered by express or easy to handle for your pcb delivery.
  • laser-cutted smd-stencil
  • adhesive stencils
  • stencils for quick-mount frames
  • e.g. Quattroflex,DEK or Vectorguard

Why should you also order your stencil from you pcb specialist ?

high quality stencils
  • modern laser of LPKF
  • material thickness from 50 µm to 500 µm
  • laser precision +/- 2 µm
  • LPKF security check after production
  • nano sealing available
  • burr removing after production
commercial reasonable
  • fulfilment lowers handling costs
  • handling of stencil data done by IBR
  • check of the data by the IBR cam operators
  • quick service

comparison of technology: